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Yuri Annenkov

August 5, 2006

For biographical information about Yuri Annenkov, see the wikipedia article Yuri Annenkov, or visit the russianavantgarde.com pages about Yuri Pavlovich Annenkov.

Portrait of The Artist & His Wife, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

Yuri Pavlovich Annekov and his wife, Z. P. Helen Annenkova.

Artist Self Portrait, 1919-20, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

Self portrait of artist Yuri Annenkov, from a Russian periodical.

Portrait, 2 Men Smoking

July 30, 2006


Portrait, 2 Men Smoking, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

Portrait by Yuri Annenkov circa 1920, sitter G. Wallse, Yallse ?

Portrait, Man with black tie, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

Translated as A. L. Volenkov, or Volenkof perhaps.

portrait by Yuri Annenkov, as seen in a Soviet arts periodical.

Portrait, Man with fly, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

REMIZOV, ALEKSEY MIKHAILOVICH 1877-1957, Russian novelist, short-story writer, and painter. Early novles include: The Clock (1908, tr. 1924) and The Pond (1908).

According to The Columbia Encyclopedia, (Sixth Edition 2005
Copyright 2005 Columbia University Press)
Remizov “described the squalor and brutality of middle-class life in Russian provincial cities. Remizov also wrote many religious legends and grotesque fairy tales. He left Russia in 1921 and settled in Paris, where he continued an active career as both a writer and painter.”

Portrait by Yuri Annenkov

Nikolai Evreinov

July 24, 2006

Nikolai Evreinov, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

Nikolai Evreinov, Russian Playwright and Producer, 1879 – 1953.
Portrait by Yuri Annenkov.

Portrait, Woman, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

Portrait by Yuri Annenkov. Subject unidentified, may be V. E. Motelava ?

Portrait by Yuri Annenkov, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

Portrait by Russian artist Yuri Annenkov circa 1920 of O. B. or O. V. Galperin ? Correct translation and identification pending…

Portrait of Anna Akhmatova, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

Anna Akhmatova, pseud. of Russian poet , Anna Andreyevna Gorenko,1888-1966. Artist, Yuri Annenkov.

The Pencil

July 4, 2006

The Pencil, originally uploaded by Mirabilia.

The Stenberg Brothers, The Pencil.
Original is offset lithograph. 41 9/16 x 27 5/16″. Batsu Art Gallery, The Ruki Matsumoto Collection, Tokyo.

MOMA sold a reproduction of this poster as well as one for the “The Trial of the 3 Millions”.

Stenberg Brothers: Constructing A Revolution In Soviet Design, a 1977 exhibit at MOMA.

The MOMA website features (4) selected works, posters for The Man from the Forest, The Pencil, The Traitor, and General.

The publication that accompanied the exhibit:
Stenberg Brothers: Constructing a Revolution in Soviet Design
Christopher Mount, with an essay by Peter Kenez
75 illustrations; 63 color illustrations
96 pages; paperback (1997)

Kultura 045, originally uploaded by bpx.

Translated as “The Trial About The Three Millions”.

Knyazhna Mary

July 4, 2006

Kultura 084, originally uploaded by bpx.

“Princess Mary”, more from the bpx collection on Flickr.